Our formulation - Baggage Control undereye jelly patches, has been awarded as winner of the Laura Marshal Award for Innovation at SCS Formulate. This formulation is easy-to-make, plastic-free and naturally derived. They are made with Safic Care T XCG from Safic Alcan, an all-natural thickener that creates a flexible yet durable film. ElfaMoist AC from Nouryon a non-tacky, high-performance humectant that gives instant and long lasting moisturisation. And Sumicos pigments from Sudarshan a range of ethically mined mica-based pearlescent pigments for that brilliant pop of colour. This product comes in 2 forms: Day-time revival patches containing Maxnolia from Mibelle Biochemistry which reduces redness and skin fatigue and night-time renewal patches to boost collagen and repair sunlight-induced damages. Contact us for more information on this award winning formulation!


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