Polymer Bound Materials

Safic Alcan UK Limited have an extensive range of polymer bound accelerators and other materials.
Our standard range is listed below. Special requirements such as different binders, slab form and special blends
can be developed to meet specific customer requirements.

Product Base Material Function
AKeM-Sperse Antimony Trioxide 87 Antimony trioxide – white star Flame retardant
AKeM-Sperse AZ04 75 Azodicarbamide plus activator Blowing agent
AKeM-Sperse CBS 80 CBS powder Delayed action accelerator
AKeM-Sperse CTPI 80 CTPI powder Pre-vulcanisation inhibitor
AKeM-Sperse DPG 80 DPG powder Accelerator
AKeM-Sperse DPTT 75 DPTT powder Accelerator
AKeM-Sperse DTDM 80 DTDM powder Sulphur Donor
AKeM-Sperse HMT 80 Hexamethylene Tetramine Acid acceptor
AKeM-Sperse IS 70 Insoluble sulphur Curative
AKeM-Sperse Litharge 90 Litharge Curative
AKeM-Sperse MBS 80 Alchem MBS Accelerator
AKeM-Sperse MBT 80 MBT powder Accelerator
AKeM-Sperse MBTS 80 MBTS powder Accelerator
AKeM-Sperse MMBI 70 Methylmercaptobenzimidazole Antioxidant
AKeM-Sperse NDBC 75 Perkacit NDBC Accelerator / Antioxidant
AKeM-Sperse OBSH 75 p,p’-Oxi-bis(benzylsulphonyl)-hydrazide Blowing Agent
AKeM-Sperse Resorcinol 80 (SBR) Resorcinol Internal bonding agent
AKeM-Sperse S1377 75 50:50 Sulphur / Insoluble sulphur Curative
AKeM-Sperse Sulphur 80 Sulphur Curative
AKeM-Sperse TBBS 80 TBBS powder Accelerator
AKeM-Sperse TETD 80 TETD powder Accelerator
AKeM-Sperse TMTD 80 TMTD powder Accelerator
AKeM-Sperse TMTM 80 TMTM powder Accelerator
AKeM-Sperse ZBEC 70 Perkacit ZBEC Accelerator
AKeM-Sperse ZDBC 80 Perkacit ZDBC Accelerator
AKeM-Sperse ZDEC 75 Perkacit ZDEC Accelerator
AKeM-Sperse ZDMC 75 Perkacit ZDMC Accelerator
AKeM-Sperse Zinc Oxide RS 80 Red Seal Zinc Oxide Powder Activator / Curative
AKeM-Sperse ZMMBI 60 Zinc methylmercaptobenzimidazole Antioxidant
AKeM-Sperse CUDD 80 Copper Dimethyldithiocarbamate Accelerator
Vulcofac 13 PDM 70 N, N’ m-Phenylenedimaleamide Co-agent / Curative for CSM
Vulcofac CLD MB 80 Caprolactamdisulfide Nitrosamine safe accelerator /
sulphur donor
Vulcofac MBI MB 80 2-Mercaptotoluimidazole Antioxidant

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