Integrated Quality, Environmental And Health & Safety Policy

The Managing Director – Safic-Alcan UK accepts overall responsibility for the formulation and implementation of the policy, including the provision of adequate resources. However, the authority and responsibility for implementing and maintaining the policy, specific procedures, tasks and duties throughout the business will be delegated to appropriate Senior Managers, as documented in the Safic-Alcan UK, Business Management System.

The Management are committed to:

·        Provision of quality products and services that meet customers’ requirements at lowest internal cost.

·         Compliance, as a minimum requirement, with all current applicable legislation, and any additional requirements of other relevant organisations.

·         Evaluation and reduction of all risks, to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and contractors and to protect the environment, the community and the business.

·         Use of processes, practices, materials and products which avoid, prevent, reduce or control pollution, the more efficient use of raw materials and energy, the minimisation of waste and the systematic consideration of the environment throughout the design stage and product life cycle.

·         Innovation in products, processes and services, utilising the strengths of all our employees.

·         Securing the co-operation, involvement and commitment of all employees and others who may be affected, in the achievement of the quality, health & safety and environmental policy objectives, and to encourage their contribution to the improvement programme.

·         Maintaining the appropriate levels of awareness of employees, contractors and visitors to enable them to take responsibility for their own and their colleagues' health and safety, and to carry out their responsibilities and duties in accordance with their training, policy and procedures.


The Managing Director – Safic-Alcan UK will ensure that key quality, environmental, health & safety and business objectives and targets are set within the framework of the policy, with the aim of continually improving the effectiveness of the quality, environment and health & safety management systems and the excellence of performance levels. The policy, significant environmental aspects, objectives and targets will be regularly evaluated at Management Review for continuing suitability and effectiveness, and details on the performance of the business will be communicated to employees and is available to the public upon request.


B McDonnell

Managing Director


Safic-Alcan UK Limited


Issue Date - December 09

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