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Safic-Alcan Products

safitack Hydrocarbon Resins - C5 and C9
    Safitack C5 100 BG2
    Safitack C9 100 BG9
Rosin Esters
    Safitack RE100BG2
    Safitack RE100BG5
    Safitack RE85BG2
    Safitack RE85BG5
    Safitack RE85BG7
Gum Rosin

safidur Isocyanate cross-linking agents for 2 part Polyurethanes
      Safidur TM93
      Safidur TP72
safinol Polyisobutylene Polymer - medium molecular weight
alchem Antioxidants - WSP, LC, 22M46
Accelerators - Dithiocarbamates, Thiurams
TI - Moisture scavenger used in PU adhesives
Other miscellaneous materials
alcanplast   Paraffinic, Naphthenic, Aromatic and Technical White Oils
Plasticisers - Phthalates, Adipates, Specialist Grades

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