Chemical Section
(1R,2R) -(-)-1,2-diaminocyclo hexane intermediates
1 bromo 3 chloropropane intermediates
1 chlorosulfonyl isocyanate intermediates
1,2 diphenyl-4-(2-phenyl thioethyl) - pyrazolidine-3,5-dione intermediates
1-methylbenzene-3,5-diacetonitrile intermediates
2 nitro acetophenone intermediates
2,3 dimethyl 2 butene intermediates
2,5-diphenyl oxazole (PPO) intermediates
2-amino-3,5-dibromo benzaldehyde (ADBA) intermediates
3-methyl-7-n-propyl xanthine (3-MPX) intermediates
4,4-methylene bis (2-chloroaniline) oxyquinoline sulphate monohydrate intermediates
4,7-dichloroquinoline intermediates
8 hydoxyquinoline intermediates
8-benzyl theophylline intermediates
8-chloro theophylline intermediates
acetal derivatives intermediates
acid chlorides derivatives intermediates
alpha ketoglutaricacid intermediates
benzaldehyde derivatives intermediates
benzene phosphorus oxydichloride intermediates
catechol and anisole derivatives intermediates
chloroquinaldol intermediates
closantel sodium intermediates
coumarin derivatives intermediates
diethyltoluenediamine (DETDA) intermediates
diphenyl derivatives intermediates
L glutamic acid intermediates
methyl carbazate intermediates
methyl thioglycolate intermediates
N butyl carbamate intermediates
naphthalene derivatives intermediates
ortho ester derivatives intermediates
oxalic acid intermediates
piperazine derivatives intermediates
piperidone / piperidine derivatives intermediates
sodium glutamate intermediates
trifluoro acetic acid intermediates
trifluoro acetic anhydride intermediates

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