Performance Products Partners

   Antioxidants and Stabilisers for Rubber
 Organic Peroxides and conductive carbon blacks for Rubber and Plastics
   Colourants for Candles
   Zinc Salts and hydrocarbon resins
   Rubber to metal bonding agents
VAMAC® Ethylene Acylate Elastomers
   Wide range of chemicals from Eastman
   Mineral fillers such as Aluminium Trihydrate
        Functional Silanes    

    Building Protection
   Polyester Resins
  Accelerators and additives for Rubber
   Antioxidants and Chemical Blowing agents for Rubber and Plastics
   Synthetic Rubber
   Resins for Inks and Coatings
   Vulcanised Vegetable Oils for Rubber
   Waterborne polymers and additives
   Industrial Silicones
   Carbon Nanotubes
   Carbon Black for Rubber
   Metal treatment additives
   Comprehensive range of methacrylates
   Paraffin Waxes for Candlemaking and Industrial Applications
 such as Bitumen Modification

Processing Aids and specialist additives for Rubber

Phenolic Resins

   Industrial Multiwaxes and Coloured Wax blends for
Cheese Coating applications
   Release Agents and surface enhancers for Rotational Moulding
   Millable Polyurethane and Additives
Vibfast logo Pigments
   Candle Wick
   Range of Epolene Polymers
   Blowing Agent Masterbatches