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Safic Alcan UK Limited is a one stop sourcing and distribution specialist with an extensive range of chemicals, oils and additives used by the rubber, plastics and specialist chemical industries. As part of the Safic-Alcan Group, Safic Alcan UK Limited has extensive access to export markets.

The company represents some of the best-known names in the rubber industry, including Akzo Nobel, Evonik, Kumho, Solutia, Schill & Seilacher and SI Group.

Safic Alcan UK Limited is also an industrial resource with its own manufacturing facility, supplying a variety of industries with a wide range of products including masterbatches, dry blends, dry liquids, etc. Safic Alcan UK Limited provides an extensive blending and pre-packing service, for single or multiple ingredients.

Our comprehensive knowledge of current health and safety and environmental regulations, plus likely trends enables Safic Alcan UK Limited specialists to assist all our working partners with their environmental challenges.

At Safic Alcan UK Limited, we are proud of our ability to develop partnerships that ensure our customers requirements can be met on time – every time.

As part of the Safic Alcan Group, Safic Alcan UK Limited is also a major supplier of fine chemicals to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, synthesis, veterinary and solutions markets.

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